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How Vaporizers Work

how vaporizers workUsing a vaporizer is a safe alternative to smoking that is becoming a cultural sensation. With laws banning smoking in most places people who enjoy smoking are using vaporizers instead. Vaporizers are more like using a hookah than smoking a cigarette. Herbs or herb concentrates are heated up to release flavors, oils and fragrances that released in a harmless vapor. Vaporizer pens, which are the most popular type of vaporizer, fit in a purse or a pocket and can be taken anywhere. In most places using a vaporizer is legal, although that may change in the future.

There are several types of vaporizers. Some use only dried herbs which are ground into fine powder and put into a small chamber in a vaporizer pen. Others use concentrated discs of hardened oil and wax. These little cartridge shaped discs are inserted into the vaporizer pen and heated up, which releases all the flavor and fragrance. Then there are dual vaporizer pens which have both herb chambers and cartridge chambers so that you can choose for yourself which type you want to use. These dual pens are the most popular. The most recommended dual vaporizer pens are the Atmos Raw vaporizer pen, the G-Raw vaporizer, and the Pinnacle Pro pen.
If you want to use your vaporizer only at home or with friends you can buy a tabletop or desktop vaporizer.

These larger vaporizers work in a similar way as the vaporizer pens but they can be used by more than one person and they hold more of the herbs. If you are planning on using the vaporizer over a long period of time, such as during a party, the tabletop vaporizer is a great choice. The top rated tabletop vaporizer is the Volcano, which got the highest marks across the board from both experts and casual users. Other highly recommended desktop vaporizers were the Arizer Extreme Q and the HerbalAire. The Silver Surfer is also a popular choice with a smaller price tag than some of the other large vaporizers.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer pens or desktop models using vaporizers is much safer than smoking and people everywhere are turning to vaporizers. Using a vaporizer eliminates dangerous second hand smoke and makes it easy to enjoy some time with your friends. If you haven’t tried using a vaporizer yet you should take the plunge and start with a vaporizer pen to find out more about this fun hobby.

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