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Surprising Benefits of a Pot Vaporizer

Surprising Benefits of a Pot Vaporizer

If you enjoy smoking weed then you know you have many ways to indulge your habit. Many people still use an old-fashioned rolled joint for their marijuana and other herbs, while others prefer glass bongs that create a cloud of smoke they can inhale. Today a popular option for marijuana users is a pot vaporizer or e-pen. This receptacle is a barrel that looks like an oversized ink pen and it creates a vapor rather than smoke, which you can inhale.

There are some surprising benefits of a pot vaporizer or e-pen that you may not realize when considering their use. Consider a few of these benefits here.

1. They’re quick and easy to use.

Rolling a joint is sometimes an art form and it can be challenging for those who aren’t careful or able to handle such a small cigarette. Bongs still require the use of an open flame to create the smoke a user inhales, and this can also be dangerous if it gets overheated. On the other hand, a pot vaporizer or e-pen is quick and easy to use; you can keep the battery for the heating element plugged in so it stays charged and it loads both the marijuana and the heating element very easily. Most create a vapor within seconds so you can enjoy your pot just that quickly.

2. There is no smoke residue.

Most pot users understand the danger of smoke in a person’s lungs, but anyone that smokes pot regularly can also attest to the residue that lingers in their home. Just like tobacco smoke, marijuana smoke can leave a filmy residue on windows and walls, and the odor can also get trapped in furniture, clothes, and drapery. Not only is this unpleasant but it’s also a dead giveaway that you’re using pot! For those in apartments or anyone who wants to stay discreet, a vaporizer or e-pen can be a better choice.

3. They can actually enhance the use of your weed.

When you burn marijuana leaves this can alter the flavor of the pot and make it difficult to enjoy the experience. For medical marijuana users, they may lose some of the benefit of the pot as it burns up. A good vapor pen doesn’t burn the leaves but only heats them to create a vapor, so the flavor is not altered and they stay purer and even stronger, which is another benefit to using these pens.

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