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Comparing Conduction Versus Convection Heating Styles of Vaporizer Pens

Comparing Conduction Versus Convection Heating Styles of Vaporizer Pens

When you’re ready to invest in vaporizing pens, of course you’ll want to balance the price of these pens versus their longevity and the quality of vapor they produce. Some pens can be very expensive but they’ll last for years, will give you a quality vapor that’s full of flavor, and may have a longer cartridge life than other pens. On the other hand, more affordable pens may still offer quality vapors and you may not mind putting up with a shorter cartridge charge. These more affordable pens may also be smaller and have fewer high-tech options, and again, you may not mind going without these features in order to save money.

Heating cartridges are a very important part of vaporizing pens and these usually work in one of two ways, either with conduction heat or convention heat. Consider the differences in heating cartridges for pens as these typically affect the quality vapors and the price of these pens. This can help you to better understand the right choice for you.

Conduction Heat

Conduction heat works much like your stovetop; it transfers heat to an object it is touching. When used in vape pens the herbs or plants you’re using are put in a small metal element or bowl and when they’re heated, the vapors are released.

The drawback to conduction heat is that it rarely has a temperature control in a vape pen, so it can be a guessing game or a game of hit or miss. In some cases this can make using your pen tedious as you need to carefully control the temperature and avoid overheating your plants or extracts. These pens are often much cheaper because of this challenge.

Convection Heating

This is a more popular choice for vape pens and this transfers heat by way of fluid or air currents. If you’ve ever seen a convection oven you’ll notice it’s very small so it can keep the heated air inside the oven. This convection heating is better able to keep your plants or other ingredients at a controlled temperature since the entire cartridge is heated, not just the bottom plate or bowl.

This type of heating is also more efficient and in many cases you can set the temperature control of your vaporizing pens. These are often more expensive but they can be worth the price as they produce a better vapor and are easier to use overall.

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