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Many excited customers in the vape industry have been raving lately about this brand new vaporizer pen called the Atmos Orbit Vaporizer which is one of the most popular dry herb vape pens in recent memory. We have seen a lot of new companies come out with their new products time and again, but never before have we seen a brand such as this who was able to successfully create a high quality product that made a name for itself like this one has. You can’t put a price on a brands name, and this brand is one of the most well respected that we have ever seen. Most vaporizer companies don’t really connect with their consumers that much, but with Atmos you always find something that you are looking for. Whether it’s a hot new vaporizer pen or one of the best dry herb portables, you can rest assured that they will supply your needs with whatever you are looking for. Of course there are some other things that you will also have to consider, such as how you are going to go about using this pen with your friends. Many of your buddies will most likely try to steal this pen because they don’t like seeing someone have nice things such as this. You really can tell that this company knows what they are talking about, and what types of products they should recommend to others while they are studying them. If you are unable to decide on which one is the best then you should take a close look at the other people who are buying items in this niche and do what they do. Many of the best vaporizers on the marketplace have been around for a long time, and the companies that created them will be around even longer. This is what you must do in order to be a fully satisfied customer in this marketplace so please make your plans accordingly.

The Orbit makes it easy for people to get in touch with products that will work well for them, and it also allows people to use a pen without worrying about recharging it constantly. You will know that your vaporizer pen is working properly when you have suggested how to use it to your friends and they like what you are saying. Other people may not understand why you are doing the things that you are doing so it’s important that you make them aware of exactly what types of situations you are getting involved with and why they should be paying close attention. If you have been looking at the all new Haze vaporizer you will have noticed that it too is a very revolutionary product that is making a huge impact in the industry. It uses a dual bowl technology heating system that is capable of vaporizing two different types of materials at once. It has a long lasting rechargeable battery that makes vaping a breeze. You can vape at the press of a button with this amazing unit, all you have to do is find your desired heat settings, push the button, and vape!

Many people are hesitant when it comes to actually sitting down and finally purchasing a vaporizer for use with their medical marijuana. Some people just don’t like the price points, while others really are scared to buy them because they are afraid they won’t know how to use them properly. This is a real problem, and you can avoid this by reading up on the instruction manuals that come with the devices to see which ones are best for your particular situation. These modern day vaporizers can really enhance the overall quality of your vaping experience, so you should check them out as soon as possible. You can really benefit from using these products on a regular basis, so you should call your friends and let them know to watch out and get ready for an amazing experience. If you are still on the fence about whether or not you should buy a vaporizer or not then I invite you to watch the following video. After you watch this there is no way in the world that you will not want to use a vaporizer for smoking your marijuana.

If you want to stay up to date with the latest vaporizer news then I highly suggest you read online blogs and forums to get a good idea of the types of products that will be suitable for you to use in your every day life. Most vaporizer review sites have extremely biased reviews but we have found that Fuck Combustion Forums have high quality reviews that go into extreme detail about the types of products that you should be looking for and how to approach purchasing them. You really need to take your time to fully understand this industry and how you should go about the problem of vaping in your life. You can’t really find another online forum with as much honesty and high quality reviews so please check them out if you are interested in getting educated about these products. We are now approaching a time in our country where we will be tested in order to find the highest quality vapes at the lowest prices. If you can’t locate an affordable vaporizer then maybe this isn’t the right game for you. The Da Vinci Ascent is one of the highest quality vaporizers that is currently being sold, so make sure you check that out if you are looking for a new product to get your hands on to do a review. We like to look into these products in great detail, and analyze everything from the battery life to how they perform in the long run. We don’t like vapes that have to have a lot of maintenance performed on them because that just defeats the purpose of getting one of these units. If you are still undecided then please check back with us regularly as we will have more information for you to consume.

Surprising Benefits of a Pot Vaporizer

If you enjoy smoking weed then you know you have many ways to indulge your habit. Many people still use an old-fashioned rolled joint for their marijuana and other herbs, while others prefer glass bongs that create a cloud of smoke they can inhale. Today a popular option for marijuana users is a pot vaporizer or e-pen. This receptacle is a barrel that looks like an oversized ink pen and it creates a vapor rather than smoke, which you can inhale.

There are some surprising benefits of a pot vaporizer or e-pen that you may not realize when considering their use. Consider a few of these benefits here.

1. They’re quick and easy to use.

Rolling a joint is sometimes an art form and it can be challenging for those who aren’t careful or able to handle such a small cigarette. Bongs still require the use of an open flame to create the smoke a user inhales, and this can also be dangerous if it gets overheated. On the other hand, a pot vaporizer or e-pen is quick and easy to use; you can keep the battery for the heating element plugged in so it stays charged and it loads both the marijuana and the heating element very easily. Most create a vapor within seconds so you can enjoy your pot just that quickly.

2. There is no smoke residue.

Most pot users understand the danger of smoke in a person’s lungs, but anyone that smokes pot regularly can also attest to the residue that lingers in their home. Just like tobacco smoke, marijuana smoke can leave a filmy residue on windows and walls, and the odor can also get trapped in furniture, clothes, and drapery. Not only is this unpleasant but it’s also a dead giveaway that you’re using pot! For those in apartments or anyone who wants to stay discreet, a vaporizer or e-pen can be a better choice.

3. They can actually enhance the use of your weed.

When you burn marijuana leaves this can alter the flavor of the pot and make it difficult to enjoy the experience. For medical marijuana users, they may lose some of the benefit of the pot as it burns up. A good vapor pen doesn’t burn the leaves but only heats them to create a vapor, so the flavor is not altered and they stay purer and even stronger, which is another benefit to using these pens.

Comparing Conduction Versus Convection Heating Styles of Vaporizer Pens

When you’re ready to invest in vaporizing pens, of course you’ll want to balance the price of these pens versus their longevity and the quality of vapor they produce. Some pens can be very expensive but they’ll last for years, will give you a quality vapor that’s full of flavor, and may have a longer cartridge life than other pens. On the other hand, more affordable pens may still offer quality vapors and you may not mind putting up with a shorter cartridge charge. These more affordable pens may also be smaller and have fewer high-tech options, and again, you may not mind going without these features in order to save money.

Heating cartridges are a very important part of vaporizing pens and these usually work in one of two ways, either with conduction heat or convention heat. Consider the differences in heating cartridges for pens as these typically affect the quality vapors and the price of these pens. This can help you to better understand the right choice for you.

Conduction Heat

Conduction heat works much like your stovetop; it transfers heat to an object it is touching. When used in vape pens the herbs or plants you’re using are put in a small metal element or bowl and when they’re heated, the vapors are released.

The drawback to conduction heat is that it rarely has a temperature control in a vape pen, so it can be a guessing game or a game of hit or miss. In some cases this can make using your pen tedious as you need to carefully control the temperature and avoid overheating your plants or extracts. These pens are often much cheaper because of this challenge.

Convection Heating

This is a more popular choice for vape pens and this transfers heat by way of fluid or air currents. If you’ve ever seen a convection oven you’ll notice it’s very small so it can keep the heated air inside the oven. This convection heating is better able to keep your plants or other ingredients at a controlled temperature since the entire cartridge is heated, not just the bottom plate or bowl.

This type of heating is also more efficient and in many cases you can set the temperature control of your vaporizing pens. These are often more expensive but they can be worth the price as they produce a better vapor and are easier to use overall.

Most of the vapor pens for marijuana that are currently being sold in the marketplace don’t actually produce true vapor. They are constructed using heating coils which actually burn the herb, and the product is usually half smoke and half vapor. If you want a true vaporizer pen, you need to purchase something such as the snoop dogg g pen vaporizer which uses a ceramic dish to slowly heat up the herbs to the right temperature and making them actually vaporize. The quality of the vapor produced with the g pen is very tasty and flavorful, and most people are willing to admit that it is a high quality product. There have been some reviews online, all of which have determined that it really does work well and you should probably purchase one yourself if you are interested in how to do this. Many people who have used vaporizers before can attest to the fact that they are really convenient and offer a wide range of valuable features for the customers who are interested in purchasing them. Of course there are various options in this industry, which is why you must read a lot of online reviews so that you can determine which one is actually the best option for your particular situation. Once you have made a concrete choice of which type of product is right for you, then you must go to the online store and try to find a coupon code that will allow you to save a few dollars on your purchase. The thing about online stores is that they usually have promotional codes on holidays, so you should use this to your advantage and see if you can line up your purchase with a specific one. If you can, then you will save a large sum of money on your purchase and you can use that extra bit to go out and get something nice for yourself.

When you are vaping marijuana, it can be difficult to find one that is high quality enough to provide you with the vapor quality that you have come to expect. If you can find one that you truly like and suits your particular needs then you should hold onto it and use it for the foreseeable future. Many people struggle with finding a good portable vaporizer, and we are constantly making recommendations so that they can better understand the marketplace and find something that is suitable for them. If someone is looking for a mid priced portable vaporizer I will often recommend the arizer solo, as that is one of the top selling portables of all time and has built up a reputation for itself for producing high quality vapor. The arizer solo is probably the top selling portable vaporizer in the industry, and has many fans within the marijuana smoking community. Just make sure that your herbs are finely ground when you are using the solo, as it can be a bit difficult to get a nice hit from it if you aren’t grinding them up enough.

Overall, it can be very difficult finding the right product for you, but if you are willing to remain persistent and stay determined, you will eventually find something that suits your particular needs and is right for you. There are many options currently available in the marketplace, so keep an eye on the reviews and see if you can find something that is right for you.

vape penWeed vaporizer pens are trending in regards to becoming high in style and sleek design in the modern marijuana smoking community. As a result of their cannabis vaporizer popularity, many individuals are seeking the finest vaporizers in the marketplace. This has caused many individuals trying to find quality cannabis vaporizer that’s mostly favored in the marketplace. There are specific vaporizers generally used, and they’re the finest in the marketplace. Included in these are Arizer Solo, Snoop-Dogg GPen and Magic-Flight Launch Box.

Magic Flight Launch box is a battery powered marijuana vaporizer. This is a vaporizer designed as a simple wooden box with four holes fitted on it. These holes serve special functions, like a hole for drawing smoke, a port, a hole for the batteries and a final one where the weed is fitted. The weed hole is covered with a clear plastic which allows you to see the content. This pot vaporizer is greatest for those who hate the modern conveniences of the new vaporizers. This is for those who favor the good old system of doing things. The best part about this device is that it’s quite efficient as a small weed goes quite a long way. Thus, saving quite some weed while you still enjoy yourself.

One must be really cautious when using the Magic-Flight Launch Box. It is because the only method for you to understand your screen is becoming hot is by seeing smoke. You’ll also need to be really cautious on how you keep your vaporizer; you’ll need to purchase a brand new one if you break the screen.

Snoop Dogg GPen is a natural herb vaporizer which was designed by the collaboration of the artiste Snoop Dogg together with Grenco ScienceTM. This partnership has brought about the creation of three vaporizers specifically The G Write Herbal Vaporizer, the pocket size microG and The Slender, which is an all new glossy vaporizer. Snoop Dogg GPen is nevertheless the favored cannabis vaporizer by most individuals. This is because it’s clean and suitable to use. This vaporizer consists of a ground-breaking tank system, which can use dried herbs. In regards to its functions, design and style the Snoop Dogg GPen is the most versatile merchandise released yet.

Arizer Solo is quite trendy in comparison to Magic-Flight vaporizer. In regards to quality, one can certainly differentiate it from the other two as it produces clean and delicious vapor. Similar to the any other vaporizers, Arizer Solo is easily transportable nevertheless; it’s chunkier in comparison to any other vaporizers.

It’s furthermore fragile to take with you, which are able to readily break. In regards to using the Arizer Solo, you’ve got to pull difficult to draw a great number of vapors. It’s equipped with a lithium battery that’s internally set and one you can recharge. It’s easy to use, and you’ll love the encounter. Thus, if you’re planning to try a marijuana vaporizer, you can determine on either one of the three. Instead, you could try out all the above and discuss your experience with friends and family.

The most usual method of using medical cannabis is by smoking it, yet there are more healthy and efficient methods for experiencing its advantages. It’s a little known fact that marijuana may also be ingested. In this post various alternate approaches to smoking medical marijuana including manners of ingesting and vaporizing are investigated. We’ll also look at some health damaging side effects of smoking.

In comparison to smoking, ingesting offers the top benefit of preventing dangerous carcinogenic substances and pitch from entering the body’s respiratory system. Furthermore, smoking cannabis leads to an extensive reduction of other cannabinoids and THC because of their decomposition at high temperature. However, when it’s ingested, a greater percent of the active ingredients or components enter the body. Ingesting cannabis is healthier for you, the only disadvantage being that ingestion isn’t a cost effective alternative because comparatively bigger number of medical cannabis is needed to improve its effectiveness.

Medical Cannabis dispensaries indicate there are many ways of ingesting cannabis by combining it with either a solid or a liquid base. THC from the pot and the fibers of the plant can be consumed by the digestive system. Nevertheless, it cannot be release unless it binds to alcohol or a fatty acid since it’s a fat soluble part. Liquids like soda, water, grain or ethyl alcohol, or lemonade may as well be used. However, cannabis tea made from tea leaves is slightly psychoactive; most of these fluid dependent infusions aren’t actually productive mainly because the solubility of THC is reduced due to the lipophilic quality.

The strong base employed any time cannabis is prepared has butter, essential oil, lard, or maybe additional fat. Hashed dark brown potatoes, brownies, snacks, pancakes, along with baked items allow the oral intake of cannabis. Cannabis vaporizers are comprised of fire filtration system as well as vaporization conduits just as soon as the cooking pot is warmed inside them, the effective contents inside it get evaporated other than using up that arises each time it’s smoked. Based on the structure of the vaporizer, lesser percentage of harmful substances and also carbon monoxide are emitted.

cannabis vaporizersUsing vaporizers is a trendy new activity that people of all ages and types are getting into. Using a vaporizer is a safe way to enjoy herbal blends without the toxic smoke and harsh chemicals that cigarettes produce. If you are just getting started you might be overwhelmed by how many different brands and types of vaporizers are on the market. Vaporizers come in a huge range of colors and styles and prices.

If you want a high quality vaporizer you don’t have to spend a lot of money. You just need to know what to look for. Some of the flashier vaporizers like Hippy Trips, Dabstix and Trippy Stix cost a little more because they come in a lot of unique colors and patterns and have a lot of extra features. But you can get a great simple vaporizer pen or tabletop vaporizer without spending a lot of money. Check out these affordable vaporizers to get started:

Stag: This affordable startup kit from Vaper Co comes with a good looking black vaporizer pen and all the equipment you need to get started including a USB charger and a plastic mouthpiece. At around $55 this kit is a smart choice for anyone who wants a simple startup kit that has all the extras needed and a good quality vaporizer pen that will last. The simple black vaporizer can go anywhere and is easy to fill and clean.

Dab OTG: This is another simple vaporizer pen that is great for new users. It is very small and has a modern minimalist metal and glass look. It uses wax discs, so it is easy for people who are not experienced enough to use dry herb blends. Wax discs are just loaded into the chamber and a fan blows hot air over the wax to melt it and release the flavor into the vapor. It comes with a USB charger and all the items necessary to get started. You may want to buy a cleaning kit for this one since cleaning it can be tricky. But this is a great choice for anyone who wants to spend less than $70 and get a sleek vaporizer that looks great and is easy to use.

Arizer Solo: If you want to start out with a tabletop vaporizer the Arizer Solo is an affordable choice. Arizer is a brand that is well known for quality so almost any Arizer product is going to be a good value. The Solo is a great model that is perfect for home use.

how vaporizers workUsing a vaporizer is a safe alternative to smoking that is becoming a cultural sensation. With laws banning smoking in most places people who enjoy smoking are using vaporizers instead. Vaporizers are more like using a hookah than smoking a cigarette. Herbs or herb concentrates are heated up to release flavors, oils and fragrances that released in a harmless vapor. Vaporizer pens, which are the most popular type of vaporizer, fit in a purse or a pocket and can be taken anywhere. In most places using a vaporizer is legal, although that may change in the future.

There are several types of vaporizers. Some use only dried herbs which are ground into fine powder and put into a small chamber in a vaporizer pen. Others use concentrated discs of hardened oil and wax. These little cartridge shaped discs are inserted into the vaporizer pen and heated up, which releases all the flavor and fragrance. Then there are dual vaporizer pens which have both herb chambers and cartridge chambers so that you can choose for yourself which type you want to use. These dual pens are the most popular. The most recommended dual vaporizer pens are the Atmos Raw vaporizer pen, the G-Raw vaporizer, and the Pinnacle Pro pen.
If you want to use your vaporizer only at home or with friends you can buy a tabletop or desktop vaporizer.

These larger vaporizers work in a similar way as the vaporizer pens but they can be used by more than one person and they hold more of the herbs. If you are planning on using the vaporizer over a long period of time, such as during a party, the tabletop vaporizer is a great choice. The top rated tabletop vaporizer is the Volcano, which got the highest marks across the board from both experts and casual users. Other highly recommended desktop vaporizers were the Arizer Extreme Q and the HerbalAire. The Silver Surfer is also a popular choice with a smaller price tag than some of the other large vaporizers.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer pens or desktop models using vaporizers is much safer than smoking and people everywhere are turning to vaporizers. Using a vaporizer eliminates dangerous second hand smoke and makes it easy to enjoy some time with your friends. If you haven’t tried using a vaporizer yet you should take the plunge and start with a vaporizer pen to find out more about this fun hobby.

vaporizer for smokingThe new age of smoking

Over the past three years Vaporizers have hit the smoking scene and they have hit it hard. There are many options when it comes to Vaporizers such as Atmos Raw, Firefly, Pinnacle pro and Arizer Solo. But that is not all of the options, those are just a few to choose from. Some key features about Vaporizers include heat up times, digital temp display, ceramic heating chambers, and much more. Check out these options for a vaporizer and a pen.

Arizer Solo

The Arizer Solo is a great portable vaporizer for any type of herb use.

  • it heats up in 90 seconds,
  • and the battery life is around 90 minutes when used on medium heat cycle
  • Charges to 100% in under 4 hours,
  • Seven temperature settings for different herb strains.
  • Comes with an auto shut off after 12 minutes of no use.
  • 2-yr warranty included.
  • Has a 91% rating among users


Firefly portable vaporizer


The firefly is a great portable vaporizer for any type of herb use.


  • Warms in 5-10 seconds
  • 60 minute battery life
  • Has an 83% approval rating


Atmos Raw pen vaporizer


This is the number one pen vaporizer on the market, and available for the use of herbs, tobacco, and dried flowers.


  • Small discreet pen size vaporizer
  • Was produced to burn herb and produce smoke
  • Can request a glass honeycomb screen from the company to produce vapor
  • Can use dry flowers or herbs in the vaporizer without having to change the tank
  • Most discreet vaporizer produced to date
  • With a quick heat up time you’ll be burning or vaporing in seconds
  • And has a clean draw
  • Ranked number one pen vaporizer on the market
  • Made from the highest quality medical grade steel

Vaporizers come in many shapes and sizes. The one you choose should be researched to make sure you are going to like it and get as much benefit out of it as you should. Many vaporizers have been tested for multiple herb uses and you can find those reviews online. Price ranges vary per vaporizer and can range for around $50.00 to over $300 so make sure you do your research, not everything that cost a lot is a better option and sometimes the cheaper one is the better option.

Vaporizers are used for many different herbs such as marijuana, tobacco, and flower herbs that you can vaporize or smoke. Whatever need you have for your next vaporizer purchase make sure it does what you need it to do without having to accommodate it with extra parts.